Neoprene is Bikini Trend among Famous

In the summer of 2015, the celebrity innovated and launched a series of fashion trends. One of them-which showed that’s here to stay – it’s the Bikini of neoprene. Released by an Australian brand, the big advantage of the model, according to the creator of the piece, Erin Deering, is the comfort, flexibility and support.

In addition, of course, the piece is super fashion, with bold design and super colorful bikini leaves the visual much more modern and cheerful. The top model Candice Swanepoel Victoria’s Secret have bet in the play to enjoy the summer. Kendall Jenner, one of the Sisters of the Kardashian family is also a fan of the trend.

In Brazil, the model is already in the wardrobe of Giovanna Ewbank, who took the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Fernando de Noronha. The ex-BBB Jaque Khury also approved the piece. “Girls, the Bikini is American, from Victoria’s Secret, and I left so large because the functions of mommy has to be a bigger and a bottom half off tight”, posted the template in your account on Instagram.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the piece on Chinese brand site. The parts cost on average $ 80 (about R$240) and are delivered in Brazil-the site warns, however, that may have cost additional tariff.


Bed Covers | Meet the Italian Releases

The new line of bed covers, pillow cover and pad is produced in Brazil, but is inspired by the design Italian, which worries about simplicity as main attraction and bold on new lines of copper bed.

With straight strokes and perfect cut, the new copper beds if simplify in shades of grey, black, and beige plaid pattern, following the latest trends not only in copper bed and bedding, but also fashion.

Focused on bringing the versatility of classic and modern environments, the cotton fabric is extremely maciand guarantees beyond beauty, very comfort, durability and many warm winters. After all, that is the most important, isn’t it? What better feeling in bed and feel embraced by the bed covers?

4 models and 2 weights are different! Choose which covers bed is the most perfect for you!

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20 Rules of Style to Dress Suit that Every Man Should Know

If you are new to that of wearing a suit, or, conversely, use it regularly but want to make sure you’re doing things right, you need to have a look at this list to enhance your image and avoid the most common sin to wear a suit.

Is there anything better than a man in a suit? Women know not. A well thought out and planned attracts suit immediately. It’s Science! So take note.

1. Whenever you feel the buttons unzips the bag; ALWAYS!

2. For a light suit wearing a dark handkerchief; It will be a visual anchor

3. Never combine a sports watch and suit

4. The sleeves should be exposed half inch

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Romantic and Vintage Decor

Bet on a decorating style is great for those who still have doubts and do not know how to decorate. Each style has its personality and elements that define, for example, we talked about here on the blog about the rustic décor, modern, vintage and today is the turn of romantic decor. Separate images and tips for you to be inspired and create beautiful environments, renovating the entire house.

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Huawei Smart Watches

For some time, the leading manufacturers of smartphones, fighting for smart watches offering arguments to convince their customers that using your smart watch will benefit you in your daily tasks.

Having asked many customer about use that give a SmartWatch, most agree in saying they have it for one or more of the following reasons:

  • It was a gift
  • I use it when I do sport
  • It is a way to differentiate from other persons
  • imaging

In this regard, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd , the company founded by Ren Zhengfei has managed toline up with the idea with their customers and the new product line, they want to become the main competitor brands like Samsung or Apple.

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Tips for Choosing the Colors for the Walls

One of the most important decisions when starting to decorate or renovate a home is the color of the walls, an election that will influence the style and the rest of the details (furniture, paintings, textiles…).
Thus, currently, neutral, white, colors and raw are the most popular, because they offer advantages as a greater feeling of spaciousness, the Environment Unit, greater opportunities to combine and a great luminosity. Therefore, they are a valid key for broader both stays small.

However, we can also choose to give prominence to the walls through color. And how to decide which is the best option? In addition to following our taste and instinct, we can be guided by what is known as a psychology of colors, which assigns to each color a feeling, a feeling, a stimulus…

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The “Swiss Army Knife” of Jackets! Perfect for Travelers

This is a jacket that promises to be the Swiss Army knife of travelers. The BauBax jacket has 15 built-in functions, including a pillow, a mask, gloves and pockets for different things.

Now that the model is ready, the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter last Tuesday to raise $ 20,000 in order to launch the garment to the market this year.

They took six months to investigate jacket design, and to incorporate more functions. Come in a variety of basic colors and four different styles.

The jacket is designed with a variety of hidden features that promise to make any trips more comfortable, and that the person carrying it has to take nothing in his hand.

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Prints Take Over the Summer Dresses to Refresh Your Look

Reinvent this basic with eye-catching graphics that go from the flower to the boho chic. You will not need anything else!

Summer is approaching and the heat feels more and more. The season requires versatile garments that do not represent too many complications and that, of course, make us see spectacular. For that, precisely, is the summer dress, which now is reinvented with vibrant prints and full of color.

It reflects your style through different silhouettes, you can go from the dress on line A until the long with the Bohemian air. The secret is to be the centerpiece of your look, only supplemented by female shoes -high heels or flats- and accessories discreet to not reload your outfit.

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Essential Tips That Every Man Should Know To Wear Shirts

Sometimes it is difficult to know the right way to wear a shirt, with these tips you will never feel nervous when you leave your house wearing a shirt. Confidence is everything in any situation, but do not rule out that clothing is part of what generates your confidence. Notes on these basic tips for using shirts.

1. Use white shirt

When you wear a white shirt inside it becomes very noticeable when the outer jacket is the same color.

On the other hand, if you use a gray shirt inside will be less visible than a white. Tank is advisable to use because many women do not like to see nipples.

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