2015-2016 Winter Trend of Dior: Boot With Acrylic Heels

The site I LOVE SHOES is in tune with all the trends for shoes! And what does the winter recently? What are the trends for next season? What shoes will be used?

Dior on your parade of Paris Fashion Week, “ready to wear” brought a concept which sought to convey a natural essence, with aspects that encompass a certain influence animal and, at the same time, bring something wild and feminine. All this “aura” natural may be perceived by the prints, which form a kind of camouflage.

The accessories make up this exoticism with animal motifs. Dior brought many boots. LaTeX boots seem to be confused with the skin of the leg and form an exotic skin, bringing a futuristic, bold and extravagant. At the same time, has a sleek sensuality. There’s a notion “femme animale”, according to mathgeneral.

Again, the Dior brings long boots (boots over knee) and mid-cut boots. The boots over knee enhances the lower limbs and tends to favor people with thinner legs and long. That is, not all the “pipes”, unfortunately.

LaTeX as boot material had already appeared in the previous season’s show, but with cage heels. Now, with acrylic heels, thick and bold, the boots aesthetically fascinating. The heels appear transparent or colored. It all brings a visual futurist, cheeky and sexy. Creative project awesome and, at the same time, unconventional. Will these little boots appeared on the streets, even though adapted?