20 Shoe Tips That Help You Conceal Big Feet!

Women and men with big feet know how hard shoes can be shopped when you wear a larger shoe size than 38 as a woman. Because with size 37 it is not a problem to find shoes. 

There are only a few shops that offer shoes in oversized. The selection is mostly small and limited to old-fashioned models. Thus, current trends can not be experienced at all. In addition, especially women are disturbed by larger feet. But did you know that there are many stars that have big feet? Paris Hilton (shoe size 43) or Cindy Crawford (shoe size 42), for example, use a few tricks to make their feet look smaller. Here we reveal 20 shoe tips to conceal big feet.

1. Open Shoes With Straps

The first tip for lashing: strapping with open shoes. These hide the foot and make it look smaller. It should be noted that these must not squeeze the foot as otherwise a contrary effect would arise.

 2. Wear Paragraphs

It is a myth that women with big feet should not wear a heel. This is precisely because they stretch the leg and thus make the feet look narrower. If you’re a big woman and you do not want to look any bigger, you should have to use wedge heels.

 3. Laminate The Trunks

Even with clothes can be big feet smaller conjure. Wear Pants! These show only a small part of the shoe and thus create the look of “small” feet.

4. Attention To The Shell

Another trick with the help of the clothes: Wear a conspicuous top! With a patterned or bangling top you pull the whole attention upwards. Thus, no one takes notice of the feet. However, to simplify, dark trousers grab.

 5. Wide Belt

By choosing a wide belt, you can balance. So you have a great accessory for your outfit and at the same time equal the size of your feet. In the overall picture, the figure is proportional and thus not the feet protrude.

6. Miniröcke And Tube Jeans

Add longer feet with your long legs. By short skirts or tube jeans, the legs are emphasized and create a balance to the feet.

 7. Select The Wider Belt

We had already spoken about Riemchen. These hide the foot and thus deceive a smaller size. A further tip here is the width of the straps. By wider straps, of course, even more of the foot is covered and the desired effect is achieved thereby.

8. Wear Boots With Heel

Also for the cold season we have a tip for you. Since chunky boots are unfavorable, you should wear a pair of ankle boots with heel. The heel lifts your foot and reduces the length while the boot hides your feet under the material.

9. Emphasize Feet

Emphasize your feet by applying shimmering tanning powders to the top. This makes it visually appealing and at the same time ensures a summer mood.

 10th Round Instead Of Pointed Shoes

When you choose your shoe, you should rather reach rounded rather than pointed shoes. This makes the foot look shorter, as the unused space at the front of the shoe would make the foot even bigger.

11. Darker Colors

It is known to us that darker colors are concealed in clothing. This also applies to shoes! That means black, brown and dark blue are always welcome! But also other subtle colors. It is important that the color of the shoe is not lighter than your own skin color, because that would optically lengthen the foot.

 12. Avoid Applications And Decorations

Furthermore, you should avoid eye-catching applications or other decorations, which leave the shoe and thus the whole foot look cloty.

13. Fine Instead Of Chunky Shoes

The foot looks much more elegant when you wear fine shoes. So avoid chunky boots and rough sneakers.

14. Cross Strips Instead Of Longitudinal Strips

Again, the same is true for the shoes as for clothing: cross strips make optically wider and longer strips longer. But here we want the wider effect as this shortens the feet visually.

15: Avoid Pencil Skirts

Here is the counter-example of how to balance the clothes: pencil skirts. They are not helpful to balance your legs and feet. The size of the feet is therefore easier to notice. So take advantage of A-line skirts.

16. Cover Your Toes

Peep toes and the like should be avoided as they reveal your toe tips. This gives the visual impression that the foot seems to spring out of a shoe that is too small. This can make your foot look bigger.

17. Hiding Ankle

Of course, you can not wear only shoes with a heel and you can change to flat shoes. Here’s the tip: grab to lower models that are not too close to your ankle.

18. Be Yourself

Big feet back and forth. Just wear the shoes you love! Because the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and radiate self-assurance. Thus men will turn round after you, and not upon your feet.

19. Invest In Leather

Soft leathers and suede leather adhere better to the foot than patent leather. Therefore, instead of on artificial leather, you should prefer to use real leather.

20. Look For The Right Fit

If you want to push the shoes because of the small size, then this will be noticeable. So your feet are even bigger than they actually are. If you are looking for stylish shoes in your size, you can easily design them yourself. With Jaimie Jacobs you have free choice up to size 45!