20 Rules of Style to Dress Suit that Every Man Should Know

If you are new to that of wearing a suit, or, conversely, use it regularly but want to make sure you’re doing things right, you need to have a look at this list to enhance your image and avoid the most common sin to wear a suit.

20 Rules of Style to Dress Suit that Every Man Should Know

Is there anything better than a man in a suit? Women know not. A well thought out and planned attracts suit immediately. It’s Science! So take note.

1. Whenever you feel the buttons unzips the bag; ALWAYS!

2. For a light suit wearing a dark handkerchief; It will be a visual anchor

3. Never combine a sports watch and suit

4. The sleeves should be exposed half inch

5. If you will not wear a tie sure that the neck is not on the flap

6. For a proper fit your fist should fit between the buttons and your chest

7. A dark coat complements a light suit, and vice versa

8. The tie clip should not be wider than the tie

9. Do not be afraid of moles

They can give energy to the suit. Just make sure you are not so large that look like clown or too small to be seen. Find a sample model on http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-suits/.

10. The lower button jacket should never cross buttoning

11. Do not use too many accessories

Foulards, tie clip and a pin on the lapel are too many things at once

12. The width of the tie should match the width of the flap

13. The belt should be thin and the same color as the shoes

14. Combine your shoes and suit color:

15. The tie should be darker than the shirt

16. Flaps, modern or old school?

In general, thin flaps are more modern, and wide lapels are more old school.

17. The scarf should not match tie

18. Windsor knot, or half full?

always opt for the classic full windsor knot for your tie; but uses the size of your head to determine whether to use the knot in half.

19. The last button is always unbuttoned vest

If you wear a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

20. If you sweat a lot wearing a white shirt down