16 Tips For Ironing Less and Save Money

Hate ironing? These 16 Tips for ironing less

they will help you reduce the time that you dedicate to this tedious task. In addition you get to save money because if you reduce ironing time, you consume less energy and lower your electric bill amount.

Did you know that the iron is one of the appliances more energy consumed per minute? Only this reason is more than enough to try to minimize the time ironing. With these tricks for less ironing you will get that clothes don’t wrinkle both and will spend less time in front of the plate. In this way you can devote your time to other most rewarding tasks and also save a little money on your energy bill what more can ask for?

1. do not load the washer up to above

It is always said that to save water and energy, must make the most of the capacity of the washer. But it is also a fact that more fill drum worse be washed clothes, more wrinkled will come and more energy be spent ironing it.

For this reason when loading the washer should leave a free space (approximately a span), between the clothes and the top of the drum.

2. do not abuse the spin

Faster against spin, is more wrinkled finish your wash. A spin at 600 rpm can reduce up to 40% moisture and prevents forming such deep wrinkles that are hard to remove.

3. the wash drum is not a closet

The drum of the washing machine is not a wardrobe or the freshly washed laundry basket. Not only you will be able to finish by smelling musty if they spend several hours since the end of the wash until you tend it, but that it will be much more wrinkled.

To avoid this, it calculates that you’ll have the time necessary to clothesline anything over finished washing or select a wash cycle that leave it soak until you can spin it and run it.

4 miracle vinegar

Vinegar is a very effective powerful fabric softener in the areas where the water is hard and with a high presence of calcium and magnesium salts.

Add a splash of vinegar in the fabric softener box and don’t have to worry by the smell which can leave clothing removed with drying. You can also learn how to make homemade fabric softener on this link.

5. not to wrinkle before washing
Don’t make a ball with the garment before placing in the drum since you only get to that you end more wrinkled. In the case of the trousers is effective to fold pants half joining the legs and roll it from the waist to the feet, by placing one rubber elastic so not unwinding during the wash cycle.

In this way you will avoid those wrinkles that form on some trousers and sometimes are impossible to remove.

6. the art of trend

When it comes to clothesline stretched and tossed the clothes and placed clamps on seams, leaving enough space between items that are ventilated and dry better.

  1. do not stack the clothes when you collect itIf when you pick up the clothes you put it in a pile, you only get that you wrinkle more. To avoid this the ideal solution consists of onto a hanger until you can iron it, or failing that bend it as if you were it to save.

    8 iron wet clothes

    Don’t wait until the garment is completely dry and stiff, take advantage while still slightly damp to iron it. You will be wonderfully with less effort and much more quickly.

    9. just ironing

    Do not bend the freshly ironed clothing since the heat of the garment will make the folds of the bending mark.

10 collect clothing

The increased consumption of energy of the iron occurs newly connected and until the temperature you have programmed you. For this reason it is more economical to ironing an hour a week to 10 minutes every day.

11 take advantage of the daily shower

Water vapor will help eliminate wrinkles from your finest items. Put that shirt or shirt on a hanger and hang it as closely as possible the shower.

The garment is moistened with water vapor and gain weight, which will allow it to stretch and lose almost wrinkles. This trick is going great when you are travelling and don’t have an iron.

12. of less to more

When you save your folded clothes always place more delicate and less weight on top of the other items.

13 make the most of the heat

While the iron reaches the temperature, start ironing the clothes less wrinkled since this way you will not waste energy.

It will also help you save electricity if you desenchufas it before ironing the last garment which residual heat make use of this form.

14 view slowly que tengo prisa

If you go the iron slowly through clothes you get remove wrinkles with just one pass.

15.-do not neglect the iron

Keep the soleplate of your iron clean and free from lime to make the most of its power. Make a Paste of baking soda and rub the soleplate with a towel or cloth. To clean the steam holes, use a cotton swab ear.

16.-that you are not missing aluminum foil

Remove the ironing board cover and cover it with aluminum foil, then reinsert the cover. In this way you will be able to retain more heat and will end up before Ironing Board.

What you think these 16 Tips for ironing less? Do you know any more? As you have seen can be implemented easily and you will not only allow you to leverage your time, but it will also help you save energy and money.

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