11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants

For a long time they were regarded as somewhat petty. It is a question of fabric pants of all kinds. Whether it is wide and high cut as a palazzo or with a waistband and crease.  However, the casual business trend, which characterizes the street style looks, proves that it is also different. Whether during the day at work or going out-the fabric pants have combined with sneakers and sweaters, great favorite potential. It is-in contrast to all prejudices-manifoldly applicable and looks really super modern. See for yourself in our photo gallery with eleven looks to fall in love:

Combination wonder fabric pants

Whether it’s casual chino, elegant Marlene trousers, pleated pleats or straps-it is certain that hardly any other model is so versatile and at the same time incredibly elegant and elegant as the fabric pants. Numerous models and various details of pants make them a true all-rounder, which can be combined in many ways according to fanciestpants.com:

  • Casual: Casual to sweat-shirt, roll-neck sweater and sneaker. Choose a fabric pants with drawstrings at the waist.
  • Stylish: The Marlene cut with an extra-wide leg is particularly suitable for your hipster look. Under the wide trouser leg you should wear platform shoes or pumps to stretch your silhouette. Otherwise, the look can be swollen quickly.
  • Elegant: For the elegant look with fabric pants you can choose from the inexhaustible selection of models. Important here are the combination parts. Accesses a trench coat, blazer, blouse, silk t-shirt and more chic shoes, such as pumps or loafers, to create a chic look.

Models for pimping and tips for the right size

Shop your pants online, pay attention to special details of the shops, which provide information about leg length and waistband. The material composition can also be revealing: in the case of uncertainties about sizes, we recommend that you order a trousers with a stretch section, which can be adapted to your figure. If you are still unsure despite existing or missing information, order the pants in different sizes. Otherwise we recommend you the fitting in the shop. The fabric pants should be especially loosely on the thighs and the crotch, then you have found your perfect size. If you are still looking for shopping inspiration on the topic of”fabric trousers”, we have put together five models for the lookout.