11 Easy Tips To Create Beautiful And Encatulative Lanterns

The lanterns are a very used decoration element, because they guarantee charm and romanticism to any environment. They can be placed on the outside or inside of the house, decorating furniture and leaving the most graceful spaces, such as details in the toilet, in the bedroom and even on the stairs.

Best of all, making some flashlights filled with style is easy enough and still adds personality to your decor. After all, there is nothing better than decorating the house with a unique object, created by us, is not it?

See several ideas that we have specially separated for you to make an incredible decoration!

1-Multipurpose Glass Pot

Have you ever thought that with just a little glass pot you can create several lamps?

Look at these beautiful ideas!

Some are made with newspaper, others with lace and some with fabric.

Very simple, but they help give a special effect to a little corner of the house.

2-Chandeliers With Wine Bottles

And how about turning those unused wine bottles into beautiful chandeliers?

They get a charm by lighting the counter in an American kitchen, for example, or adding a touch of the decor of your cellar.

3-Little Pots To Decorate The Garden

The lanterns are also great options for creating romantic lighting to the outside environment. Look at this idea for the garden.

You will need only a few glass pots, pebbles, candles and a stand.

See that variation that charm to be hung in the trees of the yard or the garden, made with jelly jars:

4-Canned Pickles

You can also reuse cans to make this cute set of lanterns with suggestion on Societypically.com.

Candy cans like quince and guava are also good options.

To support them was used a wooden hanger and fasteners.

5-Can Lanterns

From oil cans, even other packages made from the same material can be recycled and transformed into beautiful and unique lanterns.

To make the drawings, you must first use a mold on a piece of paper.Then, following the mold with a hammer and nail, drill the holes in the indicated place.

Then turn an old wire hanger into a stand for the lanterns. Finish with spray paint.

The tip, for the can not undo, is to put sand or water inside it and let it freeze overnight.

To protect the can from the action of the candles, use a glass on the inside (may be a small pot that fits inside the can). And ready!

6-Moroccan Lantern With Glass

Even the beautiful Moroccan lanterns can be made with a glass pot and lots of creativity! For this, use a dimensional ink to make the drawing.

Then apply stained paint internally on the glass. Then just display your beautiful and exclusive Moroccan lantern.

It is possible to vary in the drawings made with the dimensional ink and also in the colors of the lanterns.Look how beautiful they look with the candles:

7-Lantern With Tree Branch

You can also transform bough pieces into beautiful lanterns that can be used as a table decoration, at a dinner party, or on a dresser, for example.

For this, you only have to drill into the exact size branches for the candles and then fit them.

Simple and with a rustic footprint, this will surely be a unique piece of decoration.

8-Green Apple Luminaires

Turning fruits into small lamps is also possible and widely used, especially as party table decoration.

Just remove the cap from the apple and make a small hole in it.

Finally put the candle and ready. Is not that cool?

9-Lamp With Candy Paper

And how about turning those packages for sweets and cupcakes into beautiful light fixtures?

To do this, simply make a cross-section in the base of the mold and then pass the bulb of the lamp.

You can also do with blinking lights and smaller beakers.

10-Cages Candelabra

If you own some old cages in your home, you can reuse them and turn them into beautiful chandeliers to give more personality to the environments.

See this variation, with a smaller cage, giving only a touch of sophistication:

11-It Was Decorative

A super simple idea that can add a touch of grace to your kitchen is to transform your mines into mini lanterns. Just hang them to the ceiling and include a candle inside.

To give a touch of exclusivity and creativity to your decor does not require large investments or great craftsmanship, just different ideas to take advantage of some little things that we always have at home.

Do you like to use lanterns in your decor? What did you think of our tips?Leave us a comment!