11 Challenges of LG G3 to Fill The Post of Franchise of The Year Android

Tomorrow is May 27, chosen by LG to finally present their arguments in the face of this 2014. More Sung is the G3, which will teach formally, very likely with few surprises regarding everything we already know it.

Faced with rival smartphones, which began to reveal in his appointment in Barcelona at the end of February and that are already hitting the shops with force, LG has to overcome a few challenges if you want to do with the position of best Android franchise of the year.


All Android manufacturers are here, one way or another. Not just that your smartphone is powerful – ahem, Samsung – phone is an accessory that you always take with you, and equality of conditions choose not only which is more beautiful.

Little good if your design is excellent, but you are not able to put it all in an appropriate size, by much resistance to the water you add: people don’t want to load with a tile – ahem, Sony, although this has improved – or have the mobile full of tapas.

And even if your materials are good, and your exquisite design, five-inch are less if the buttons are on display; Although they seem more if at the cost of aluminum you have to let bands function as a window for the antennas – ahem, HTC – free.

LG already found a good compromise with the G2 between your screen size and dimensions, failure to fit with the look & feel in materials. And by what we have seen, although it is not clear that the G3 will come in metallic materials, we have also learned that no by not being it has to why look cheap. Take a look at the filtered renders.

Repositioning of the brand

After his Record Guinness, LG entered a dark age that begins to fade in the past with the arrival of the Nexus 4. Do you remember when the high-end brand not looked or in stores? Who remembers the 4 x HD?

No to say neither that streak of devices that they were hung in versions obsolete, by highly innovative that they had been at its launch. With the entry into the Nexus plan and forgetting the word Optimus, it seems that LG is improving these aspects and reverting to his label consolidating.

It is true that the G2 did the market with all the strength that should, as far as quality of terminal respect, but takes some time that people assimilate this new direction and that place the ‘another giant Korean’ in the plot that deserves.

This helps you one perception of strong innovation, led by G Flex and better designs, but also reinforced by a re-entry in the tablet sector.

Compact version than not mini

Not everyone is prepared for the 5.5 inch, per long edge settings. This size is too much for many – although I feel perfectly comfortable-, and are still those who want to ‘small’ phones of the surroundings of the 4.5 inch.

We have already seen the mini G2, which has little to do with the original smartphone brand, beyond the name. LG need a compact version of this phone, in the style of Sony, which does not reduce the same apart from the obvious benefits: screen and battery capacity.


Increasingly, a very important point in smartphones is your camera. So much that it is blurring the line between what are phones and what are intelligent cameras more and more. Few people carry a compact in the Pocket, and a short I’d like to take it.

The camera has to be more and more versatile. Samsung bet arrives at high speed, HTC in the depth of field and Sony arrives with more megapixels. All have strengths and weaknesses, but all have forgotten this year is the optical stabilization.

It is that optical stabilization which prevents the trepidation in dark scenes, or that allows you to record an amazing quality videos (although it can be a lot of work without it). It seems that LG bet on it with your OIS + on this G3, Adds stabilization by software that we saw in the G Pro 2.

In addition, it is expected a laser focus helps, pioneer in this kind of devices and which would enhance the focus and its speed in low light situations. Maybe surprised a renewed version of the Refocus of its G Pro 2.

Crazy about the pixels

The mantra is repeated in all technologies: no more resolution, density of points or the array size means better. LG will come with a screen of 5.5 inches, that Yes, with one Quad HD resolution at 1440 x 2560 and a density of pixels exceeding 500 ppi.

Of course, in a good screen they have many other things. In a telephone from 5.5 inches perhaps notice the difference between Full HD and this new enhancement that duplicates the information on the screen. But this is not to sacrifice other things.

Mianiturizar is always difficult, and it is possible that we lose in details such as the angles of vision, overall brightness, fidelity of colors or energy consumption of the screen. Tomorrow we will see if this finally true or not.

Performance and, more important, autonomy

But it is this same screen that threatens a performance which was already good in the G2, and autonomy. According to the leaks – which does not seem as they are very wrong-, will be 3,000 mAh battery on this phone. LG will not leverage those 0.3 inches up this capability, but to iron it, or make changes as include card microSD and removable rear.

It remains to be seen if her – Her Excellency, incidentally – This G3 autonomy not deteriorates compared to the previous model. We must also see if not worse experiences as web browsing or the game with this superior load graphics, chipset (Snapdragon 801) is basically the same.

Assault on the Note

One of the most famous lines in Android comes from the hand of the most famous phone Android manufacturer: Samsung and its Galaxy Note. This line has many followers, as a server, which already has three editions in his house. The cycle of this Note already exceeds the equator from its path to renewal, and this LG G3 has the challenge of giving a bite your market.

The G3 comes at 5.5 inches in a very elaborate aspect ratio. While Samsung has historically done a good job in this regard, it seems that the G3 will be the first to make shadow really the concept, as well as their lack of stylus.

Multimedia quality

LG has already focused previously on aspects such as video recording, or the sound of their smartphones. The G3 comes with speaker repositioned in the rear, which a priori is worse than at the bottom, but you can give fewer problems by the size of the outlet port.

We already saw in the G Pro 2 speakers with one watt of power perhaps to repeat or improve. 4K recording is also expected, which can take more prominence in this screen that already does not replicate its quality weakened by four, but ‘only’ climbing halfway.

Interface and software added

One of the great scourges of the G2 was, at least personally and face to a couple of acquaintances, your customization layer. The performance was undeniable but the design caused less damage eyes.

Increasingly we are less that throw ROMs to improve the appearance and performance of our phones, perhaps because every time this is less necessary.

Additives by manufacturers are increasingly more interesting (some, that Yes), LG included. There are good ideas on the table, as the Knock Code. He plays wait for morning to put hands on, to see what such changes visually.

Contain the price, and arrive soon

Lately we are seeing a reduction in the cost of high-end Android phones. The technology is amortized and every time we see more and better phones at less price. Manufacturers insist on leaving around a 700 euros, although with a reduction of these increasingly faster.

LG changed strategy with the release of the G2. The phone came out for a little more than 500 euros, and although G Flex appeared somewhat after about 800, they are already the two below 400 euros.

If the Koreans repeated the move with the G3, it can be made with a piece of the pie. Many people is waiting for the big three prices to stabilize, and increasingly those who acquire them for free. But for that, LG is to come soon, nothing to make us wait a month and a half, as those who arrived at MWC that could afford.

Fashion and accessories

LG is one of the first manufacturers to appear with Android Wear in one of its products. Even though the G Watch is not yet on the market, it should not take long to appear as a complement to this new phone that grows in size and that still makes it more useful.

Also expect a flurry of cases with window for and accessories for this device, which are also important to completely close the product.

What do you expect?