10 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Especially now, in the cold season, he is again taken out: the scarf. However, over time, it becomes dull to bind the scarves with the same technique. 

Here thedresswizard.com compiled for you 10 kinds of a scarf to wear.

1. The Cloth As Jackets

Take a square, relatively large cloth and fold it diagonally. Then simply lay the cloth over your shoulders, with the tips forward, and voilà, your jackets are ready.

For the day, you can combine a cloth with a nice pattern to create a rather simple outfit. In the evening, a single-colored cloth looks beautiful to a dress.

2. The Necktie Scarf

The scarf is placed around the neck. At chest level, make a loose knot in the left end of the cloth. The hand is not yet pulled out of the knot because you have to pull the right end through the knot. Now the scarf looks like a tie.

3. Tie The Scarf With Loops

The third possibility to wear a scarf is a little difficult to explain, although it is actually quite simple. First, wrap the scarf around your neck once, so that both ends fall forward and have the same length. Now take the right end and stick it between the neck and the wrapped scarf. However, they must not pass through the end completely, because the left shell end is pulled through in this loop. Finally tighten everything.

The loop technique is especially comfortable now for the cold season, because the scarf is close to the neck, which keeps it warm and a cold has no chances.

4. The Scarf As Bridle

Especially well suited for this variant is a rather long-lasting scarf. You only have to put the scarf around your shoulders, so that both ends are the same length and the left end throw backwards over the right shoulder.

5. Self-Made Loop Scarf

For this, it is important that you use either a large square or a relatively long cloth. Hold your scarf together and put it around your shoulders.Now connect the two ends, as close as possible to the Tuchende, with a fixed double node. Now you only need to twist the scarf to an eight and place the resulting second loop around your neck and your finished loop is finished.

6. The Scarf With Side Knot

Place the scarf around her shoulders and wrap it around her neck twice, so the two ends are the same length. Now take your right shelling and make a simple knot at the top of the armpit. Your left bowl will now lead you through the knot and make your way. The knot should be loosely on the right side and not centered.

This can be enhanced, for example, by a flower hairy gum, a real flower or a brooch at the knot. The important thing is that the accessory fits the shawl pattern.

7. The Classic Way To Tie A Scarf

For the classic, put the scarf back together and put the two ends together.The scarf is now only half as long. Put this “half scarf” back around her shoulders. Now you only have to loosely insert the two loose ends into the resulting loop.

8. Wrap The Scarf Like A Pali Cloth

Of course, you can use any of your cloths, because it does not have to be a Pali cloth  . Place your cloth on the shoulders, but so that the two ends fall backwards. Now take them crossed forward and knot them under the triangle Bib. Depending on what you like better, you can knot the ends above the bib.

9. Tighten The Scarf

In the fifth possibility, place the scarf around her shoulders, but so that the left side is a lot longer than the right. Now turn the long left side and then wrap the scarf around the neck twice. In the last step, insert the two ends through the bottom ring to secure the whole.

10. The Casual Shawl Binding Technique

The tenth and final is actually the simplest technique to wear a scarf. To do this, you just have to wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure that both ends are once again the same length. If your ends are too long, you can also wrap your scarf around your neck twice.

Regardless of the mood you are in and the type of binding you choose, the overall appearance of the outfit must not be ignored. And of course that starts with the shoes. So what you should never forget is to match the shoes to the rest of the outfit. In pretty eye-catching scarves, it is important that you opt for more simple shoes, so the shoes do not steal the scarf from the show. However, if you have opted for a single-colored cloth, the shoes may also be exceptional. Exceptional shoes can be best designed by Jaimie Jacobs.