10 Indispensable Apps for the Traveler!

If you like to travel the world armed with few things like a passport and a smartphone, there are some apps that can help you with these tasks . In our list, we’ve found a few apps that will make your trip more fruitful and simple, so you can focus more on fun than planning or problems that may arise.

10 Indispensable Apps for the Traveler!

Fuel Monitor

It is an application that tracks how much you are spending on fuel during a trip. You place the brand, model and year of your car, as well as currency and preferred units of measure, as well as fuel price. All you have to do is press the “start” button in the “monitor” section when you enter your car, followed by the “stop” button when your journey is over. Thanks to GPS, the app estimates when a trip cost you, no matter the distance.


Find perfect accommodations in over 192 countries. With more than 10 million nights booked through the site, Airbnb is the world leader in the field. Perfect for finding rooms, houses and places to stay on your trips with good prices.


You place your destination, how long you plan to stay, and the app returns you with attractions and things to do on a map. You can then print, save as PDF or share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and can be used offline as well.


This app works by allowing airline travelers to choose an on-board partner based on the partner’s social profile. It’s like a social networking site for airplanes, helping you avoid that boring company during a long trip.


Whatever your travel, nothing like a navigation app to give you the right directions to a place, whether on a long walk, drive or a healthy bike ride. In addition to the above application, there are many other options available for all platforms.

Dropbox / Google Drive / Box / SkyDrive / iCloud

It’s no use taking a trip, taking hundreds of photos and end up losing a camera or not being able to take the photos anymore because the storage space is gone. In addition to these cloud storage applications, there are many other options that can be very appealing to you. And there are always deals that increase the storage capacity of these apps for free: keep an eye!