10 Delicious Buffet Options for Outdoor Wedding

When a couple decides to do the outdoor wedding it is necessary to remember that this environment can have several characteristics, such as modern, traditional,  rustic or with direct contact with nature.

While these factors are decisive for anyone who wants a successful marriage, the outdoor setting also calls for some tighter definitions, such as the buffet.

For outdoor wedding you must choose a Buffet that is in accordance with the style and schedule of the ceremony. That’s why we’ve prepared these ten delicious buffet tips for the long-awaited date.

1 – Full Buffet

There are some more complete or other menus that can be defined according to the couple, if the couple wants the guests to have everything, an alternative is to serve a buffet with canapes or salty snacks, first course, meat, poultry or fish with salads, then dessert, cake and sparkling.

2 – Simple Buffet

For those who wish to split and prefer something simpler, the menu can offer canapés, or table of smoked cold cuts, salads, hot dish and cake.

3 – Buffet For Informal Weddings

For informal weddings, an alternative is to offer a buffet with the mixture of lunch and breakfast (brunch), this at the time of 10 hours and 11:30.

At this time, offer a tray of cold cuts, a basket of breads, pies, butter cookies, juices, chicken sprinkles, soft drinks, coffee and cake.

4 – Buffet For Daytime Wedding

The weddings that happen in the period between 11 and 14 o’clock, therefore, the menu can be more extensive, with options like:

Arugula, dried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella on toast;

Cheese Souflezinhos;

Fried cassava;

Crab legs;

Mini shrimp couscous;

Dried shredded meat, in the moranga;

Pasta stuffed with cheese and pumpkin sauce;

White rice or cream of mandioquinha;


Wedding cake;

Varied fruit tartlets;

Well married.

5 – Buffet For Outdoor Wedding Night

The Outdoor Wedding At Night Asks For A Dinner With:

Canapés of carpaccio or kani with kiwi;

Salmon with black bread and toast or raspberry jam;

Green salad with assorted cheeses, diced;

Torradinhas with olive oil sauce and walnuts;

Filet mignon with shimeji sauté, mashed potatoes and garlic in the oriental sauce of shoyo and sauté de zuchini (zucchini), dyed with the sauce of capers;

Wedding cake;

Assorted caramelized candies;

Well married.

6 – Cocktail

Example Of Menu That Can Be Served To The Cocktail:

Pâté with raspberry jam, served on toast;

Hot salted;

Shrimp bundle and little heart-shaped puff pastry;

Box of puff pastry with cream of asparagus;

Bacon leaflets;

Cake of the bride – of almonds or walnuts;

Coffee and / or Teas.

7 – Cake With Champagne

Champagne cake can be served for weddings in the morning and in the afternoon. For longer events, serve side dishes such as salty snacks or some sophisticated canapés and assorted drinks.

8 – Barbecue

The barbecue is also ideal for outdoor wedding, and the meat offers salads, basic trimmings such as rice, farofa and vinaigrette as well as grilled fruits and drinks such as juices, beers, red wines and tropical drinks like caipirinha.

9 – Mass

For Those Who Prefer Pasta, It Can Offer:

Talharini the putanesca;

Caneloni with stuffing of eggplant and tomato sauce and olives;

Rondelli Neapolitan with rose sauce;

Cochigliones with cheese and champignon and yakissoba sauce.

10 – Intermediate Items

Chicken tartelette with apricot;

Bobó of chicken;

Crab cream;

Chicken Hideaway;

Polenta with bolognese sauce and cream;

Raw kibbe with dry curd on spoon;

Rocambole with buffalo blanket, dried tomato and arugula;

Chester stick, orange melon and cherry.