How to Build a Remote Control Monster Truck

A monster truck has very large wheels and a big suspension to accommodate the tires. Bogged down in mud, tractor pull and motocross competitions are popular monster trucks. A remote controlled monster truck is a replica of the real thing and activities for central remote controlled monster truck on racing and driving on small objects. Remote control monster trucks race on indoor and outdoor tracks.Things you need.

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Mercedes Comand Online Test

Without Facebook, Google and co, today no carmaker more sends its premium class on the road. We have tested the brave new world of service at the Mercedes system comand online.

It’s too tempting: fast times while driving checked the Facebook News, after a restaurant Googled, flew over the news or check the traffic situation. The permanent availability of the Internet it has become accustomed so much, that in the car the handle belongs to the Smartphone for many everyday. This is not a trivial offence: the risk of a peace officer is to be caught, while low – to crash, however, big. Because the gimmick with the phone distracts dangerous from the traffic – even if the Smartphone is well-formed in a bracket. Continue reading “Mercedes Comand Online Test”

Apple Watch and iPhone 5s

While the Google I/O’s has been a little quiet around the main competitors. There are now several Smartwatches on the market and there are still only rumors to the model from Cupertino. Only in September we will get iWatch to face that.

Until then we must be well content with rumors and speculation. Also, there are new features to Apple’s card service and a new promotional clip for the iPhone 5S.

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Fritz Box 6840 LTE Test

So slowly, LTE blossomed the real alternative to the fixed Internet. AVM brings the appropriate Fritz box on the market. Connect has tested the Fritz box 6840 LTE.

We test the Fritz box 6840 LTE by AVM. Yet the new mobile communications standard LTE is one, a side issue, however that quickly gaining importance. Especially for those who don’t have fast Internet access via DSL or cable, which is mostly in the countryside. To eliminate this problem was the intention of the Federal Network Agency, which made the Edition the participants at the frequency auction: before LTE should be introduced into the lucrative cities, the white spots on the country must be eliminated. Continue reading “Fritz Box 6840 LTE Test”

Leica MD Post Camera

The Leica MD is a digital camera for purist … free screensaver!

Leica made the big difference. Having demonstrated a modernism and an unexpected democratism, with touch controls for cameras and Wi-Fi, the German brand returns to the fundamentals. And that’s saying something.

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Bury Easytouch in the Test

Unusual but clever sensor control with proper sound, this surprised 79 euro cheap model.

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No, it is not a touch screen, but the hands-free kit bury Easytouch Navi with sensor buttons control. Simply tap the beleuchtetenIcons, and have to fix the volume (the dashed line right) or start a conversation. Also the coupling is initialized by a simple tap of your finger. Continue reading “Bury Easytouch in the Test”

Bedding Fabric Types

The bedspread covers our bed in so-called “half-seasons.” It is a question of complement that marks the delicate transition from one season: from summer to autumn, from winter to spring.

From the point of view of the quality of the raw material the ideal bedspread is what protects us from the cold weather without appesantirci overnight.

From the aesthetic point of view the bedspread most suitable to our room is what enhances the overall style.

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Microsoft Lumia 650: Smartphone With Windows 10 For 230 Euro

In December confirmed Microsoft a new beginners Lumia, now the Lumia 650 details follow: LTE, 5-inch display with moderate resolution, 8-MP camera. The Android competition it has a hard time.

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Bury CV 9040 Plus

The Nobel plane under the Bluetooth kits: 169 euro while steep, that convinced the bury CV 9040 plus with display and voice control.

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Voice quality and operation

Almost everything that you can expect from a handsfree, offers plus the 169-euro bury CV 9040. In previous tests we were of good conversation quality? complained that can be improved even further by an additional plug-in external microphone. Continue reading “Bury CV 9040 Plus”

How to Choose CPU and RAM for a Computer

The processor

The processor is the component of the computer whose mission is to run computer programs. There are currently several processor architectures: in addition to models of older generation Intel (Pentium and Celeron) and ADM, are now models for multicore microprocessors.

A microprocessor multicore (multi-core in English) is a processor with multiple physical cores which allows to increase and improve the power of the computer.

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