Flag Day

The celebration of flag day was constituted as a symbolic element of the construction of brazilian national identity, the day of the flag symbolizes the brazilian nation.

On day 19 of November celebrates the Day of flag of Brazil , this celebration became part of the history of the country after the proclamation of the Republic in 1889. With the end of the Imperial period (1822-1889), the flag drawn by Jean Baptiste Debret, which represented the Empire, was replaced by Decio Vilares design. Continue reading “Flag Day”

Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing

Sex wearing sexy clothes can be a lot more interesting than it looks. Transparencies, slits, tight pieces, tight shirts and jeans… any piece can be an element of seduction. The way you dress- and also how you dress – says a lot about how you look and what you look for. So explore your sensuality and let your partner go crazy. Try following the tips below to light up the passion! Continue reading “Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing”

Kit 50 Rechargeable Headlamp Bivolt 13 Leds Yj-

Product Information

Rechargeable, environmentally friendly battery. With strong light and weak, as you prefer. It stands out due to its small size, light weight, lighting time and easy transport. Continue reading “Kit 50 Rechargeable Headlamp Bivolt 13 Leds Yj-“

Baby Doll-A Delight to Sleep!

Baby Doll and Doll Shorts are great for your autumn!

Neither hot nor cold-like sleeping comfortable this fall is starting? Baby Doll and Short Doll are a beautiful option, super feminine and, if you want you can also be sexy. If you like to schedule a relaxing morning on a weekend, when you can stay home and rest, read a good book, and the climate is mild and pleasant, well this could be a great suggestion: Continue reading “Baby Doll-A Delight to Sleep!”

Post Surgical Bra: Your Breasts with Comfort and Support

The breasts that came with us are not always what we want, and that’s fine. The mammoplasty or silicone implant increases the volume of the breast and can provide better contouring or breast symmetry.

This surgery is one of the most requested among women and, despite having fewer complications and a quick recovery, requires a careful essential for everything to be in place. Between such care is the use of post surgical bra. Continue reading “Post Surgical Bra: Your Breasts with Comfort and Support”

Fantastic Toy Factory

East Aurora is a small country town, one of those quiet streets, full of little houses, almost without commerce and without movement. It is in the state of New York, United States. I would probably never have gone there if one Fisher and one Price had not founded a toy factory in the 1930s.

Well, Fisher-Price is over 80 years old and continues where she started, even after being bought by Mattel, a company of the famous Barbies and Hot Wheels, located in Los Angeles, far away. Continue reading “Fantastic Toy Factory”

The Groom’s Clothing

Like any ritual, marriage also has its rules and they are not only official but also visual. Even young grooms or bold-minded ones should surrender to tradition. The basic rule is: the groom should be sober but remembering that traditional dressing does not mean taking your clothes off the chest.

The groom’s clothing can be updated in detail in the modeling or complements, but the fashion side should be left for another opportunity. If you choose a balanced outfit, you can even wear it again. Check out the main options below: Continue reading “The Groom’s Clothing”

Westwing Guide For Grill Area Lighting

aInvest in the brightness of the sun, adopt large windows and produced in glass and ensure that the light intensity in the space is pleasant and comfortable. These are some of the recommendations given by home and decor experts when choosing the accessories, articles and products for the lighting of the barbecue area. The space that is among the most used environments for meals, meetings between friends and family must have all the infrastructure suitable for their use is the best possible. Continue reading “Westwing Guide For Grill Area Lighting”

Short Wedding Dresses

There are dates in people’s lives that are striking and memorable for the rest of their lives, and engagement may be one of them.

And to mark this date dressed with models of dresses for engagement OR marriage in short models is an issue that must start from the personal taste of each woman. Continue reading “Short Wedding Dresses”