Audioline Matrix 480 in Test

Audioline a highly-cheapt DECT offers for less than 40 euros. As our test shows that a moderate endurance faces many practical function.

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Even among the low-cost Heimern, the Audioline matrix 480 is a price breaker. For this, the manufacturer saves but elsewhere. So you have to forgo a backlit keyboard, it is therefore difficult in the dark say. Speaking of keys: that are larger than the competitors and give good feedback, but they sit somewhat loosely. Continue reading “Audioline Matrix 480 in Test”

Panasonic KX-TG6621 in the Test

In addition to a very long talk time, the cheap DECT offers various functions relating to calls and on called will.

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Owned with a price of 40 euros, the Panasonic KX-TG6621 to the cheap Heimern, offers but still some extras. So the handset with 40 rings rings very varied. All the more regrettable that it is separate callsign fur individual contacts has saved. Which contains the phone book 100, however with only a number. For this, the TG6621 stores the last 50 callers in a list. Continue reading “Panasonic KX-TG6621 in the Test”

Telekom Sinus A 205 in the Test

Deutsche Telekom puts together a coherent overall package, which brings a lot of comfort despite low price with A 205.

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Large range of functions

Also in other respects, this has especially fu of learning toys known company VTech phone manufactured the nose front. So it brings a SMS functionality, conference call or call waiting can be uber use the menu in the plaintext, and the alarm clock allows the most flexible settings. Also on board is a space monitoring, which can be as a baby monitor and if necessary choose another handset or an external telephone number. Continue reading “Telekom Sinus A 205 in the Test”

HTC Velocity 4 G in the Test

The first LTE Smartphone available in Germany comes from HTC, called 4 G HTC velocity, and to be offered for some time, exclusively with Vodafone.

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The exact timing of the launch was still as open as the exact unit price at the time of the first performance.

Continue reading “HTC Velocity 4 G in the Test”

Nokia Lumia 710 in the Test

The Lumia 710 Nokia makes a hope come true and brings Windows phone in cheaper regions. We have tested the second model of the Lumia series.

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When Nokia to the kick-off event presented only one model with the operating system from Seattle to long announced cooperation with Microsoft, many insiders were disappointed. After all, is the Lumia 800 with his from a Stu? ck polycarbonate milled, ultra slim and flattering hand housing in every way extravagant. Many industry insiders Nokia had already married to somewhat more variety – we included. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 710 in the Test”

Nokia 700 in the Test

The compact Nokia 700 is handy, well processed and ideal for everyday tasks. With a fresh look and improved operation, Nokia made touch screen suitable for its Symbian platform.

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The Nokia 700 shows us that old is not equally “unnecessary”: Nokia has its own Smartphone operating system Symbian while in favor of Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 on the siding made, the new Symbian-Belle version flair but still modern. The user interface is now well on the new-fangled touch screen operating concepts; for older versions of Symbian, the inaccessible structure was a frequent point of criticism. Continue reading “Nokia 700 in the Test”

HTC Sensation XE in the Test

Our test shows: the HTC can sound not completely convince despite special headset. The great display and bulging equipment nevertheless provide a good impression.

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Already, with the sensation of XE, HTC releases the second sound professional on the music fans. As already the sensation XL wants to inspire the 589 euros expensive sister model with a strong sound performance. Continue reading “HTC Sensation XE in the Test”

Space Field of by Devil Speaker L in the Test

1300 euros, a good range would be the space field as a column speaker speaker L. With its intelligent network technology and the built-in amplifier electronics, it is even more than that – namely an unbeatably cheap complete streaming system.

Actually, it was a joke. Or better, trying to press, as a freshly baked HiFi Tester before tasks simply not so were me like other. “I love to check boxes”, my cunning offer in a theme Conference was therefore anno 2004 “as long as they have a network!” Continue reading “Space Field of by Devil Speaker L in the Test”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active in the Test

Anyone looking for a rugged phone that visually no boredom is spreading, with the Xperia active at the right address.

It is a Smartphone for the gross: you must not touch the Xperia active with kid gloves. It can fall even from the table, in the Bach or out the window without having it just breaks down. Sony Ericsson has certified IP67 active, which means in plain language: the Smartphone is ideal for outdoor use, can stand his man so also on construction sites, stiffer shocks put away and likes in a mud puddle or in the snow land. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia Active in the Test”

Samsung Galaxy Xcover in the Test

With his first outdoor Smartphone Samsung lands a direct hit – equal even though the display is not a highlight. The Galaxy Xcover test connect.

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Outdoor-smartphones are becoming more popular. Busy people often search no wonder through sporting activities to compensate for their stressful jobs. While the Smartphone as a constant companion should not be missed – finally the social contacts are maintained even in the free time and the favorite Web pages regularly checked. Samsung draws on a long tradition of outdoor phones, which have developed a reputation in the relevant circles. Now, the first outdoor Smartphone of the Koreans to favor of active users tout with the Galaxy Xcover for 349 euros. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Xcover in the Test”