CyanogenMod Needs Your Help. Update: Limit Exceeded.

Update: Just leave a notice communicating the expected donations limit has been exceeded and that they will ask the necessary equipment next week. Good news for the community, which values the good and selfless work providing CyanogenMod.

It’s been three months since the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released. And that since then, many of us have been waiting for CyanogenMod9 to our terminals. As well, the team of CyanogenMod He has spoken out today, claiming that they have a big problem with financing. Continue reading “CyanogenMod Needs Your Help. Update: Limit Exceeded.”

Women’s Clothing Transparent

There is no rule that determines the transparency a fashion to be used only at night, or with some sort of specific combination. Bridesmaids, fatties, high and low can use pieces of women’s clothing transparent both day and night. The trick is to just know how to combine to tell her to stay cool, and not something worthy of regrets when viewing the pictures.

The big secret to wear women’s clothing transparent is to have common sense. Glued with extra pounds?

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Dresses for a Summer Wedding

If you’re invited to a wedding or marriage in this summer, will have to dress in pastel tones. Are without a doubt a safe and very elegant setting at the time of opting for a dress for that important wedding you have to go. Simplicity and naturalness that make them excellent tones for any wedding performed in the summer. Fashion catwalks were covered in these colors for this season. The look they create is flattering and very romantic, mainly if you are slightly tanned, and if not, don’t worry that makeup can do to make it look with good color or look more brunette. Any of these dresses that I bring you here in this article is an elegant and at the same time stylish option. Likewise, if an advantage exists to wear this color in a wedding, it is that you can play and risk with accessories and makeup to achieve a total look spectacular. Continue reading “Dresses for a Summer Wedding”

The New Plus Size Fashion Collection By Mable

The young fresh plus size fashion label mable by Katja Hamada surprised again and again with unusual ideas, cuts and material combos. Currently, her new collection, AVIA has baptized them, and that you not long have to wait. Officially, the large size is fashion April to buy online.

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New Technology in LED Lighting

Looking for the economy to bail out its accounts, the Japanese giant Toshiba Electronics stops production of white LEDs. A decision that is part of a major restructuring of its loss-making activities.

It’s over the ambitions of Toshiba in white LEDs. The Japanese electronics giant has decided to stop its production in this area. The decision will be effective at the end of the year.

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HTC Dev Removed The Unlock to The Terminals Launched Since September 2011 (Because Vendran Not Blocked)

Update: If HTC unlocking is because will no longer be required. All your devices launched from September 2011 will be imbloqueables, so you will not need to unlock them. That Yes, HTC Dev will continue to work to provide unlocking terminals prior to that date.

In August, we announced that HTC It offered the possibility of unlocking the bootloader in its terminals launched in 2011, thus formally withdraw this mechanism of protection and facilitating the development and use of cooked ROMs through its HTC Dev Platform. Continue reading “HTC Dev Removed The Unlock to The Terminals Launched Since September 2011 (Because Vendran Not Blocked)”

Marks and Spencer Swimwear Discount

No need to look far to find of the swimwear trends for summer 2012. The brand Marks and Spencer offers beautiful swimwear neon and flowery on sale at -20% and-30%. And if you enjoy these small discounts for having a swimsuit for summer? Get help from our selection balance swimsuit summer 2012 to find the swimsuit summer 2012 you need !

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Original Fashion Necklaces

They original fashion necklaces are an accessory that we all want in order to be able to highlight, take a nice complement of fashion that is different to what lead the others.

Get take an original fashion necklace is not an easy task and if we consider that many just shopping at the same store. Trades as well known whose products of fashion, accessories and accessories are quite similar and that having an access easier since they are located in almost all cities is much higher the probability of dress just like the others.

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Changers Solar Charger Review

The multitude of mobile electrical devices we carry with us today or those we have at home is getting bigger and bigger. There is the mobile game console for the kids, the mobile phones or smartphones for each individual in the family, MP3 player, camera, perhaps still tablet computer and then still the ebook reader.

Each individual device consumes power, so it must always be recharged. Maybe even if there is no power outlet nearby. Practically so if you have a portable battery for all devices on the road and can recharge it with solar energy everywhere.

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LED Lighting for Pool

A pool is a place to relax but can also become a decorative part of your exterior. With suitable lighting, enhance this space becomes a breeze!

That Benefits

Exterior LED lighting is now essential to create a unique atmosphere in and around the pool. Security and economy, will be the watchwords with this type of lighting that does not heat and consumes up to 9 times less energy than a conventional bulb. To shine your pool all night!

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