Flashlight with Video

The Swann Flashlight DVR looks like a normal flashlight, but has additionally installed a video camera.

Flashlights are usually used for excursions or security services. The Swann FlashlightDVR should generate interest in both, because on the light cone has a video camera attached. The filming then simultaneously in the direction in which the light is kept, so you can thieves do not only illuminate, but also absorb. Unfortunately, an expensive idea:

The video camera has a CMOS chip supports a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Not much, but broadcast material is not expected from a flashlight also. You can see the data on the built-in memory to store, but has only 128 MB which is enough moving pictures for 18 minutes. But they do have a slot for mini SD cards, which swallows up to 2GB. Via USB, the data are fed to a computer on.

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Male Nail Art Designs

On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the brand thenailmythology has paraded his models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet.

Countermand girls: the nail polish for nails is no longer a habit only female. And the last oddity when it comes to nail art comes straight from the catwalk. On the occasion of the men’s fashion week, the brand MSGM has paraded in Milan its models with a flashy red nail polish on hands and feet. Sparkling thongs and nails lacquered ruby. But all this convince you? I personally do not.

The choice of this particular nail art was defined inter-sex MSGM by the same label that brought on the runway not only unisex enamels, but also equally suitable accessories for him and her, masculine and feminine details simultaneously.

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Sexy Lingerie 2016

This week starts wholesale a new series of products in the category sexy underwear our site sexy underwear. This Body, babydoll and sexy underwear, what good is still below many indeed! A underwear you irresistible! Your customers want to feel without the vulgar beautiful? Diving quickly presented at the heart of this feminine collection in the weekly checklist and quickly find these developments.

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Must Have Makeup on a Budget

Who you say you have to spend just to get beautiful?? Many of my favorite products are low cost! Here is a list of my 10 makeup products for the summer under the Euro 10:


With the arrival of summer the urge to color and daring with makeup I have stocked up on these pencils in KIKO wood available in 16 beautiful colors. They have a creamy texture and are very writers and easy to blend. In addition, they last much and the value for money is really great!! Continue reading “Must Have Makeup on a Budget”

Wall Clocks for Bedroom: Ideas and Tips

Between school, homework, gym, meetings with friends … even our little ones are always fullest of commitments, and they also feel the need to stay current on the schedules and the various phases of the day. In short, the wall clock is indispensable even in the bedroom.

In many different shapes, made of different materials, the important thing is that the children’s rooms are brightly colored watches, or be able to bring happiness, joy and fun, in the realm of children and adolescents.

An essential feature of the room for watches is that they are provided with rotation mechanisms absolutely silent hands, so as not to disturb moments of relaxation and especially the night rest of the children.

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Wall Sticker for Baby Girl

If you are looking for fast, cost-effective solution to make over a room, then wall stickers are many alternative to wallpaper, paint or hand painted murals. With a huge range of subjects available – from Princess stickers for girls to sports stickers boys chances, will be available to decorate your child’s room, quickly and easily topic.

Wall stickers are an innovative. The ruling and if you have not already them tried, you may be pleasantly surprised in their ease of use and flexibility. Some wall decals available today are made with a unique adhesive that allows you to be moved, you have not implemented them correctly in the first place, or if you want to use them (they run Home). They are purely mobile, so it will not damage walls or other surfaces and can be used on any clean, dust-free, flat surface.

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Wall Clocks for Bedroom Suggestions

Even in the bedrooms modern play a decorative role of great importance showy clocks. Once it was enough an alarm clock, lying on the nightstand next to the bed, because the landlord could keep an eye on the time and organize the various stages of the day.

In these modern minimalist solutions, almost imperceptible from the aesthetic point of view, no longer work, and give way to more showy solutions.

Two are the privileged positions of the modern wall clocks with roman numerals in the bedroom: or on the wall overlooking the bed, replacing the framework depicting religious subjects, typical of the classical tradition; or on a wall opposite the bed, so you can keep up to date timetable even lying down.

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School Bags 2016

The bag is our natural extension, our microcosm , the mirror of our soul (other than eyes, if you want to know a person look at them inside the bag!).

The trigger handbags real fixations. I last year I had fixed with a pistachio green bag. I had nothing to go with it, and yet I wanted, so I bought it (it was my creative-bizarre period). This year, I’m obsessed with the city bag red and electric blue (they are in the urban-chic period )… This is to say that no matter how many bags a woman have in the closet, there will always be one more than he wants. Maybe because of the color, the shape, for convenience, because it is a new brand that we like, because he is well with their shoes purchased last week, because… I could go on and on. So when a woman falls in love with a bag like this, because it always finds a thousand!

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Krizia Shoes Italy

Krizia brings its colour and its original style on the runways of Milan fashion week with a spring-summer 2013 decidedly non-trivial, full of interesting ideas that will definitely conscious fashionistas to wear in the hot season. Like many other fashion brands involved in fashion week in Milan, even Krizia wanted to tell us its about what we wear for spring/summer 2013 if we want to be glamorous and fashion: trendy clothing and accessories, available according to a particular mood, irreverent and that made him famous and loved the brand Krizia worldwide.

If you loved the Krizia show for this spring-summer 2012 that we have just left behind (and in some sort of amarcord fashion we want to refer you to the image gallery below!), let’s see if you’ll love how loved us the new line for the hot season of the upcoming 2013: a line that is characterized by smooth lines and rich colors.

And the spring-summer 2013 as group? Branded Krizia woman is elegant and hyper wears classic suits with open jacket and without top when wearing the jumpsuit court or minidress that make up the collection. The casual chic consist of blouses with prints reminiscent of Savannah Style and soft shorts that wrap around the legs of the models, while the evening dresses with high slits up the most elegant line designed by Krizia.

The accessories are never random places: the belts, related to life, compose each piece of clothing, not only trench coats but also tailored jackets, while the bags are accompanied with style the look of models who paraded on the catwalk by Krizia. The shoes, as we have seen on ShoeFrantics Homepage this edition of Milan fashion week, offer high heels, with wedges and platforms that will make us good company at every step. Unless you run into the same problems of models of Krizia, who had more than one fix to stand!

The colors are not many in spring-summer 2013 by Krizia: we have the classic black and white, to be worn separately or skilfully mixed together, in glamorous geometries that give movement to clothing. Don’t miss the frosted beige, a revelation of the next warm season, as well as various shades of blue!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Friends, soon, Christmas is approaching! Have you already thought about the gift for your man? Do not arrive at the last day this year: let yourself be inspired by our 11 ideas and impress your partner with a truly amazing gift!

Here comes the most magical time of year: yes, Christmas is coming! The Christmas period is wonderful, cities are covered in a thousand lights and green Christmas trees, the houses are colored red and smelling of pampering and sweet. What about the happiness you feel them to exchange Christmas gifts, especially between lovers?

Receiving Christmas gifts like watch from Vaultedwatches is beautiful, but let’s face it: do it can be particularly difficult, especially if the recipient is our better half! In fact all we would like to surprise our Him with something truly original and pleasing but it is not easy to guess the right gift, especially if you are together for a long time and we have already run out of good ideas during Christmases past.

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